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Bottle Design & Color

I only started drinking whiskey about two years ago, so I am the definition of a "newbie" but learned quick that I was drawn to the color of the whiskey. And yes, the bottle design factored into my choices. Every bottle of wine nearly looks the same except for a different label, the opposite of whiskey bottles.

When displayed, your whiskey collection should tell a story about yourself. Not only what you drink, like the different regions of Scotch, but the flavors and richness of the whiskies you drink. Vanilla, caramel, oak, etc all factor into the equation, as does single/double barrel, or uncut. Whiskey offers you varied choices and wonderful opportunities to expand your palate. The color of the whiskey in the bottle makes an impact as well. Who wants to drink something out of an ordinary bottle? That's part of the allure!

You may come across some whiskies that just aren't for you, but it brings you a step closer to finding your niche. As Mark Twain once said "Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough"

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