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Searching and Searching...

Don't we all love finding out about new whiskey and bourbon releases? The excitement builds until you see the dreaded words "suggested MSRP" and you realize that IF you find it, you won't find it at that cost. This has recently happened with the Jack Daniel's Twice Barreled Single Malt. While we knew that any special release from Jack Daniel's skyrockets, this release has been troublesome to say the least.

One major retailer in North NJ quickly sold a few bottles at the MSRP of $75.00 while I saw one bottle available at another retailer for $499.00! Yes, you read that right. Online prices are at a minimum $400 per bottle. But I've seen plenty of instances were it was purchased for under $100 and this mimicked the Knob Creek 18 Year release. The suggested MSRP for this release was around $100 but expect to pay around $350-400.00 per bottle in the secondary market. Whiskey is a seller's market, that's for sure. Remember that the value is something is what a person would pay and Jack Daniel's has solidified its brand in that aspect.

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