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"Pretty Fly For A Rye Guy"

About eighteen months ago, I began drinking Scotch and was very interested in the different regions that led to different tastes. Balvenie, Aberlour, and Dalmore were instant favorites until I tried whiskies, bourbons, and ryes. The "New World" was found!

There are so many brands that I've come to enjoy and for that reason, Scotch just doesn't hold that place in my palate anymore. When I revisit Scotch nowadays, it pales in comparison. I realize and appreciate that everyone has their own taste and that alone is the single greatest factor in whiskey. Along with of course, ice or neat, small amount of water, whiskey stones, or room temperature.(FYI...I drink everything "neat" at room temperature)

My favorite ryes are Jack Daniel's Single Barrel, Knob Creek Cask Strength, Bulleit, and Noble Oak Double Oak.

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