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The Battle over Blanton's

If you want to cause a social media furor, simply post a picture of Blanton's and exclaim 1) how much you enjoy it and 2) how much you paid for it. The responses will stream in quickly, so have a thick skin. But why the hate? We all know the hype and marketing with Blanton's and several years ago, it was readily available for around $50 per bottle.

But alas, times have changed as well as the "audience" for bourbon and whiskey. Here in NJ, the product was tough to find even a year ago. Having acquired a few bottles of the regular along with the Straight From The Barrel version, I will admit that it is a fantastic drink. Everyone drinks what they wish and the manner in which they wish to drink it. That being said, there is also a price ceiling that one will pay. Will I pay $150 a bottle moving forward? Most likely not, but for under $100 a bottle, absolutely I will. And I'll drink it neat as I do with all of my drinks. Then I'll post it to social media and grab my popcorn!

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